PY22 Qualified Partner Annual Certification Training (returning QP)

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This training module covers Qualified Partner Annual Certification (Renewal). All currently active QPs are required to renew their certification to remain an active partner for the next program year. These lessons are Efficiency Maine’s opportunity to communicate with QPs by reviewing the next program year’s program guidelines and incentives. It also provides the opportunity to update your contact information and any required license(s).

The module is divided into 10 lessons to simplify your certification renewal. You do not need to complete all lessons, only the lessons that are mandatory or that pertain to the services your company provides. You may complete these at your convenience, if you do not finish all the selected lessons, simply log back in and pick up the next lesson as time permits.

Please note the following lessons are mandatory for each individual:

  • Renewing your QP Designation
  • PY22 Qualified Partner Annual Renewal Certification Renewal Form (provide license(s) & proof of insurance)
  • Prescriptive Program
  • At least one of the Solutions lessons: Lighting, HVAC Electric, HVAC Fuels, Compressed Air, Agricultural, Refrigeration
  • PY22 Certificate: Complete the lesson to download a copy of your certificate for display at your business.

There are additional, optional lessons for other Efficiency Maine C&I Programs that may be selected. All Prescriptive Program Solutions lessons are available, please complete any that you desire the credentials for services provided. Upon completion, the PY22 Qualified Partner Certificate will be available for download and the Qualified Partner Locator will be updated to reflect the updated information and solution lessons completed.

Please direct any questions or comments about the training to (207) 213-6247 or

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